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Environmental Awareness among Secondary School Teachers   R.K. Anuradha and Naraginti Amareswaran

Environmental Awareness among Secondary School Teachers

92 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
True education needs training the individual to discriminate between good and evil on the level of physical response. In order to direct the child correctly. It is essential that the teacher must know the goal, which the child is required to reach. The Mudaliar commission asserts the integrated growth of a child consists in the training of character to participate creatively as citizens in ‘the emerging democratic social order’.Education is a life long process and goes on from cradle to the cremation. It is wrong to say ‘So and So’s education is complete’, Education is never complete.Education about environment is a study where components of environment, bio-physical and socio-cultural are investigated through the discipline of physical, biological sciences and social science, under the umbrella of environmental sciences to further improve the quality of human life and protect the environment.
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