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Creating a Low-Allergen Garden   Lucy Huntington

Creating a Low-Allergen Garden

200x270 128 страниц. 1998 год.
Reed Consumer Books Limited
Creating a Low-Allergen Garden is the only complete guide to causes, symptoms and preventative measures for all gardening allergy sufferers. It reveals ways to design, plant and maintain a low-allergen garden that is as beautiful as any conventional planting. Whatever the plot's size or setting, the author demonstrates countless ways of bringing colour, texture and form to the garden, excluding every plant known to cause an allergic reaction in any part of the body. This book is a perfect combination of expert advice and sound practical information, and it also offers a multitude of inspirational ideas. Leading garden designer Lucy Huntington reveals how to create a low-allergen garden, covering every component integral to the design of a rewarding plot. Detailed explanations of the effect that allergens - including pollen, fungal spores, scented plants, sap and bee stings - have on the body are accompanied by precise medical artworks. The many ways to minimize and...
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