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Characterization Of Dekoko (Pisum Sativum Var.Abyssinicum)   Haddis Yirga,Hussein Mohammed and Berhanu Abate

Characterization Of Dekoko (Pisum Sativum Var.Abyssinicum)

60 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Recommendations -From the twenty-four Dekoko accessions evaluated, two accessions TK-006/08Al and T-023/08Mw that have 0.82 & 0.84 t/ha seed yield and 34.41 and 34.21 % crude protein content respectively can be selected for further breeding work for improving both seed yield and crude protein at the same time.If one interested only on seed yield,it is advisable to use accessions;T-015/08Sr,T-017/08Ko, T-0.018/08Ko, and if the objective is to improve only crude protein content of the crop, accessions T-010/08Ko, T-024/08E/a and T-022/08E/a should be used. -Days to Flowering, number of Pods per Plant, above ground biomass and Plant Height can be used for indirect selection in Dekoko improvement program -Collection of accessions from the potential growing areas of the two regions as many as possible and their further study seems important. -There should be an in-situ conservation means of the crop so as to keep the gene pool from extinction.
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