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Team Based Learning (TBL): A study at JN Medical College DMIMS Wardha   Alka Rawekar,V. K. Deshpande and S. R. Tankhiwale

Team Based Learning (TBL): A study at JN Medical College DMIMS Wardha

100 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Teaching physiology can be challenging. Students do not develop the skills or the interest to learn on their own. The lecture format reaches only a select group of students. One invention is the teaching team model for large lecture classes, a model for improving undergraduate education. Team based learning (TBL) was introduced aiming at preparing students for active, collaborative learning within a cohesive group. Methods: It was single blind controlled interventional study conducted at J N Medical College Wardha, India. First MBBS students were enrolled for the study. The TBL program was introduced as supplement to the traditional instructional method by taking 2 modules. Perception of students on TBL, teamwork and preference to TBL was obtained. Results showed that most of the students were agreed for this type of instructional strategy as it enriched their knowledge and find relevant for the subject Physiology. There was overall increase in marks obtained in examination....
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