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A Study of Selected Articles from "Inside the Learning Society"   Mayankkumar Patel

A Study of Selected Articles from "Inside the Learning Society"

92 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Education is the most sensitive system of today's society. Scientific inquiry through research has completed its active century that has provided us the solid base of understanding for variety of subjects. The dazzling rate of increment in knowledge has given a new input that motivates people in the field to the side of application of their gained knowledge. The modern world is the witness of tremendous changes based on science and technology including communication. The advancement in the area of knowledge is not limited to theories but its interpretation for other work's of life and application wherever necessary. The changing scenario of modern society is well influenced by the attitude of learning. The process of learning and its degree is one of the important parameter to identify a learning society. Our way of life is concentrated on new and creative ways of thinking that creates the information on new needs of the people. There is a great observed change in the delivery...
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