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Transformational Leadership Skills and Total Quality Management   Thelma Manansala

Transformational Leadership Skills and Total Quality Management

160 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
1. To promote and perpetuate the essence of sustainability as regards to SUC administrators’ high qualifications as competent managers in bringing high positive outcome in the entire academic institutions, merits of promotions programs for SUC administrators as adopted by PASUC and NBC 461 must strictly be followed and implemented. Great Emphasis must be given to relevant experience. 2. Result of the study revealed that women administrators showed parity in qualifications with their male counter parts in terms of educational qualifications, seminars attended, relevant training attended; and review of related literature and studies magnified the success of women administrators as education leaders specifically on areas of soft component of management termed as “human relation” where they surpassed their male counterparts; it is high time that women be also given equal preference in the selection as SUC administrators. 3. PASUC should strive to conduct several continuous organized...
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