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Discipline Management in Schools   Muhammad Iqbal

Discipline Management in Schools

92 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The role of School leadership in managing multiple aspects of a school is widely acknowledged. Out of those areas, managing school discipline has always been a constant challenge for teachers’ and head teachers particularly, in higher secondary schools where students pass through their teen ages. This book offers some insights about the problem of discipline management in schools and how to cope with them. It also provides a contemporary literature review and theoretical frame work on the subject. Furthermore, findings of a qualitative case study have been discussed in detail to analyze the common disciplinary issues and problems in a high school, and strategies adopted by school leaders to manage such problems. In this book you will find very simple strategies to deal with day to day simple and some complex disciplinary problems that are come a crossed by school leaders. The book also provides answers to many questions related to school discipline, and they are based on empirical...
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