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Natural dyes for textiles   V. Narayana Swamy and K. N. Ninge Gowda

Natural dyes for textiles

164 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The raw material used in the present study for extraction of colouring components is obtained without disturbing the plant as the flowers fruits and bark used are bio-wastes. All the dyes extracted can be used for dyeing silk and cotton substrates. Eco-friendly mordants used result in variety of shades, fastness of which is satisfactory, making it viable for commercial application. As all the obtained colorants are free from banned amines and heavy metals these can be considered eco-friendly. In the new era this study offer four new sources of natural dyes for silk and cotton, which can be made use of in cottage/handloom industry, provide value added products and it will give better employment opportunities to rural folks and also promote rural entrepreneurship to develop the rural economy. It also encourages usage of waste lands for cultivation of these plants that yield dyestuff and forestation of plants and provides consequent additional remuneration.
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