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ESP Sample Textbooks Evaluation   Nahid Rahimi Alagha

ESP Sample Textbooks Evaluation

116 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Using a modified integrated criterion and descriptive method, the author has prepared an informative compilation of students' and instructors' analysis of the ESP textbooks taught at universities. Containing a broad collection of the university professors' ideas and suggestions and a general overview of the ESP development, it examines a sample of ESP textbooks for humanities regarding various aspects in terms of their theory of language and language learning. This book seeks not only to make an overall perspective for all ESP teachers and material designers to benefit from by showing their weaknesses and strengths, but also help them make the possible adoption or even replacing these ESP textbooks, so that they can match the desired features and the learners' specific needs in the target situation better. This comprehensive survey and analysis of ESP textbooks serves as one of the key resources for teachers, curriculum designers, and material developers wishing to prepare a basic and...
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