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Importance of delivering education to prisoners in reducing crime rate   Amina Mushtaq

Importance of delivering education to prisoners in reducing crime rate

60 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The best recommendation is to organize educational facility in prisons so that after release they can positively contribute in society and can involve in any occupation not depending on social security benefits for their living. Inferring from the study undertaken and based on the data from case studies It is obvious recommendation that the opportunities of Education and skill needs to be enhanced further accredited with the generalized education system of the country, so that the inmates instead of having an obsession of being prisoners get them educated with the education categories, need of the developing infrastructure of the society. Similarly in case of Skill and further education to the class of inmates, just after release must have assurance of being taken up by the Industry of prevailing market for human resource consumption.
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