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Distance Education   Vandana Lunyal

Distance Education

68 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Distance education: Expectations and Possibilities is an outcome of research work undertaken by the author. The book contains information on the traditional education system and its failures and projects 'distance education' to be a possible alternative. It goes on to discuss the objectives of distance education; expectations of people; and how using the communication media, distance education can achieve its objective. The work also covers a survey conducted in which academics in the field of education participated.The analysis shows that people at that time had mixed views on the success of education through distance in India as most people had their education through the traditional mode. The book concludes with possibilities of teaching through distance and suggestions for how distance education can make useful contribution in educating the masses. This book will be useful to students researching in this area and also for students who need information on how distance education...
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