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Teaching Competency   Krishnan Sangeetha and Murathoti Rajendra Nath Babu

Teaching Competency

100 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
From very ancient times teachers have been honored as builders of the nation. They are the lamps that shatter darkness, the light houses that guide the wandering ships and keep it away from dangerous rocks. When a teacher takes pains to teach his students no wonder students love and revere him. An effective teacher guides the learning activities of the children so that they may learn. A teacher as a professional develops certain skills to use his knowledge to organize, encourage and assist certain generally approved skills of learning. This involves a careful study of his own behaviour in some systematic and objective manner, so that the teacher may gain deep insight into his own pattern of influence. Now, there is a demand for competent teachers at all levels of education and the teacher education programmes, claiming production of competent teachers must be judged by the degree to which it develops competencies, skills and activities needed for successful functioning of teachers. A...
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