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Motivation, Aspiration and Career Choice of Science Students   Mohsin Shaikh

Motivation, Aspiration and Career Choice of Science Students

168 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The economic growth and development of any nation depends upon the human resource development initiative undertaken by the country. With sectorial changes taking place in the Indian economy, the contribution of the tertiary sector today is more than fifty per cent to the GDP of the nation. This sector requires a different set of skills and its growth depends upon creativity and innovation. This can be possible only with the continuous development of science and technology capability through original research. The rapid development of the Chinese economy has been attributed to the human resource development in the science and technology sector. It has been reported in various studies the interest in science as a career has been declining. The science graduates who are unemployed comprise 22.30 percent of all unemployed graduates. The share of science post graduates among the total unemployed post graduates is a high of 62.8 percent In this context the current study tries to assess the...
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