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Ethiopia and the Generation that Unsolves Problems   Solomon Belay Faris

Ethiopia and the Generation that Unsolves Problems

148 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Owing to the many challenges facing the country, Ethiopia has set an educational policy centered around Problem Solving Approach. Obviously, the government has been trying to implement the policy at all levels for some time. This book specifically examines whether the implementation of problem solving approach at classroom level has been successful. However, since classroom instruction in Ethiopia is intimately related to the type of text books and the method of teachers' training, it is natural that these cases are are also looked at to a lesser extent. In all cases, the result shows that Ethiopia is far from putting in place a viable educational system or approach that teaches its generations how to solve problems in a scientific and efficient manner. The book reminds that the future of Ethiopia is as bright or as dark as what happens in the school classrooms.
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