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Classification of US liver images using machine learning techniques   Suganya Ramamoorthy and Rajaram Sivasubramanian

Classification of US liver images using machine learning techniques

164 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The field of medical imaging has experienced a period of rapid development over the last 2 decade has consequently revolutionized the way in which modern medicine is practiced.The disease and their symptoms are highly varying and always a need for a continuous update of knowledge for the doctors and medical analyst.The diseases fall into different categories and a small variation of symptoms may leave to some other categories of diseases.The work concentrates on diagnosing diseases like cyst,fatty,Hepatoma, Hemangioma and Cirrhosis from ultrasound liver images.The contribution of this book relies on following areas: Pre-processing by speckle reduction, Image registration, feature extraction, classification & retrieval.This is further supplemented by the medical analyst for a continuous treatment process.This book provides an automated system that could retrieve ultrasound liver images based on user's interest to a level of providing decision support is of high need.This book helps for...
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