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A Programme for Enhancing Emotional Maturity   Archana Dutta Dangwal and Chhaya Goel

A Programme for Enhancing Emotional Maturity

296 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The fast pace of societal changes and the resulting influence that touches upon and alters human life emphasizes the urgency of preparing our students for life in such times. The increasing rate of maladjustment, depression and suicides among adolescents cannot be mitigated with present education. Researches world over recognise the inability of teacher education programmes to prepare teachers for facing the actual world of teaching. Teachers can deliver their work efficiently if they are emotionally mature, which means they acquire wisdom to think objectively and treats all human beings equally, without being judgemental about the person or the situation, and has the ability to achieve self-realization by being emotionally detached. This volume presents an intervention programme to raise the teachers as an individual to the highest level of emotional maturity, which in turn, also depends on the personality traits of an individual, mainly, their own inclination towards personal and...
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