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Continuing Education for Neo-Literates   Ganta Eswaraiah

Continuing Education for Neo-Literates

216 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The most important investment any country can make is on its human resources. The socio – economic development of a country is closely linked to human resource development, and education is basically concerned with it. National Policy on Education (NPE. 1986) Comments “Education is the unique investment in the present and the past”. This implies that education is essential for all, and education can promote the development of human potentials. “Philosophy is the contemplation side, and education in the dynamic side of a coin” said by Ross. In the light of above statements it is obvious that life in the coming decades is likely to bring us both challenges and opportunities. Therefore the chief function of education is to develop a nation. Education today is indispensable, and is obviously a challenging task. It has become a matter of growing national debate and concern. The need for education continues to grow is evident from the increasing investment in educational programmes...
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