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Drug Abuse in Secondary Schools in Kenya   Redempta Maithya

Drug Abuse in Secondary Schools in Kenya

164 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Motivated by the increasing problem of drug abuse among the youth (and in particular high school students) in her country Kenya, Doctor Maithya seeks to bring to light the perceptions of students, student counselors, parents and teachers on the causes and possible effects of the vice to the individual and the society. Furthermore, she proposes possible prevention and intervention strategies based on the findings of the study to various stakeholders who include: the government, the church, school administrators, parents and the society at large. It is her hope that the recommendations of her study will go a long way in addressing the vice and helping various policy makers and also those directly endowed with the responsibility of addressing educational matters to improve the quality of life of the young people, enabling them to lead better lives and craft a bright future.
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