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Nature and prevalence of learning disabilities   Grace Rasugu

Nature and prevalence of learning disabilities

116 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This lively and interesting book discusses the meaning, nature and prevalence of Learning disabilities.Pupils with learning disabilities have difficulty acquiring basic skills or academic content which is characterised by intra-individual differrences, usually inform of a discrepancy between the learner’s ability and his or her achievement in areas such as reading, writing, arithmetic, or speaking. An understanding of the characteristics of pupils with learning disabilities is important in developing pre-referral interventions, making appropriate referrals, and in identifying effective accomodations and intervention strategies. This book was written after a master’s research that was conducted on nature and prevalence of Learning disabilities among standard three pupils in Starehe division of Nairobi, Kenya. The author believes that inorder to provide appropriate services, it is important to understand the pupil’s characteristics. Highly readable, practical and informative, this book...
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