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The "Use of English" Course in Nigerian Polytechnics: An evaluation   Martha A. Onjewu

The "Use of English" Course in Nigerian Polytechnics: An evaluation

428 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Given the importance of Polytechnic education to Nigeria’s development in terms of the provision of both middle and high level manpower, the research undertaken here serves as part of the efforts made to ensure that the students of Polytechnics in Nigeria are linguistically well equipped to face the challenges of their specialized areas, by focusing on the relevance of the “Use of English” course to such specialized areas. The content here provides remedies for the deteriorating standard of English language used by students of our Polytechnics to enhance proficiency in the language which is very crucial to the nation’s development. Hence, teachers and students of “Use of English” would find this study handy as it serves as an ideal reference material for the implementation of the “Use of English” in the Polytechnics and similar institutions. Governing institutions will find this book as a useful point of reference in reviewing the syllabus of the “Use of English” course of our...
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