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Pronunciation Improvement Programme in English   Rupesh Patel

Pronunciation Improvement Programme in English

108 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In English the correspondence between the written form and the spoken form is not consistently maintained. Therefore it is necessary for Indian learners, to make a systematic study of English sound system. English as spoken by educated people in India does not differ radically from native English in grammar and vocabulary, but in pronunciation it is different from British English. Even within India a large number of regional varieties, each different from the other in certain ways. These regional varieties of English are sometimes not even mutually intelligible. The pronunciation is the soul of spoken language. It makes speaking language live and meaningful. The second language learners dream to pronounce words as native users do but it requires practice in native environment that learners get hardly. This book will help all those who want to build their speaking ability naturally. In short; for better and effective spoken language the language users have to develop the art of...
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