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A Critical Study of Organization and Management of Higher Education   B. M. Hirdekar and G. S. Patil

A Critical Study of Organization and Management of Higher Education

412 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Managers and administrators in the 21st century must be forward looking, responsive, competent and able to evaluate regularly the effectiveness of their organization, management and administrative rules. Even the Higher Education paradigm is not an exception to the aforementioned views. The institutes of higher learning must have transparent accountability to all the stakeholders, the students, government and society at large. In this context, the present study investigates the styles of management in the Universities. The study is of immense help to the managers/officers and policy makers in the higher education system to make out the present style of management and to change and adopt to such new styles for effective conduct of university management. It is always said that all education must be student centered or learner centric but in reality whether we observe this situation or not is a point of serious debate. In this study the authors have directly interacted with many...
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