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Education and Employment Scenario of Women   Darling Selvi

Education and Employment Scenario of Women

220 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The female labor force constitutes one third of the rural workers in India. Women workers face serious problems and constraints related to work such as lack of continuity, insecurity, wage discrimination, unhealthy job relationship, absence of medical and accident care, low wages that are often insufficient to meet minimum living standards including nutrition, long working hours, hazardous working conditions and lack of basic services. The various studies on the impact of employment show that the working women can enrich themselves both economically and socially which is a positive sign for the empowerment. There are some healthy indicators too like sex ratio and education, there is positive growth for women over the years, but still economic independence and freedom to decision making is lacking among women. This book focuses various issues like Contribution of Rural Women in the Agriculture Sector and various Unorganized Sectors. This also helps budding scholars to find some...
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