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Gender Responsive Pedagogy- A Rural Kenya Experience   Christine Anditi

Gender Responsive Pedagogy- A Rural Kenya Experience

104 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Gender disparities and poor quality of teaching continue to pervade secondary schooling in East Africa. There is a need to focus on what is actually happening within classrooms to alter gender disaggregated data in performance, retention, completion and transition. The teacher is the authority figure in the teaching and learning process. Hence, reforms of teaching practices should take initiatives that help teachers adopt gender responsive pedagogical approaches aimed at considering individual learner needs for improved teaching outcomes. This text is therefore based on an action research conducted in a rural East Africa. The research explored how a teacher could practically engaged in adopting a gender responsive pedagogy within a classroom in a secondary school setting. This is a composition of a detailed and well researched text that provides a deeper understanding of gender issues that teachers face during teaching and learning. It further provides an intensive literature review...
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