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Influence of cattle rustling in Northern Kenya among the Pokot   Jane Catherine Wangu Mwangi

Influence of cattle rustling in Northern Kenya among the Pokot

84 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Have you wondered why there is conflict in the Northern part of Kenya?This book will tell you why and how it has affected education. Influence of cattle rustling has concise and detailed analysis on the causes, effects and challenges and the measures taken to stop cattle rustling. Access to good quality education in the conflict affected area has seriously been imperiled because schools, teachers and students have been a target of violent attack.Schools therefore have closed down and others have registered a low enrollment not to mention the drop out rates which are very high. All this has happened due to insecurity in the affected areas. Study objectives have been formulated which are used to come up with questions for questionnaires. This has established the various causes of cattle rustling. The book has also established that cattle rustling has an effect on pupils access to Primary Education. In the end, recommendations have been highlighted so that pupils can continue with their...
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