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Adult Education and HIV/AIDS   Negussie Negash

Adult Education and HIV/AIDS

72 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
HIV/AIDS, a relatively younger disease has claimed lives of millions of people irrespective of color, race, boundary, religion, sex and age. As research findings indicate a greater number of adult people have become victims of HIV/AIDS at an alarming rate. Children have been orphaned and younger people have been left alone with all the burdens they are not supposed to shoulder. However, usually, in the process of combating HIV/AIDS, efforts are put only on younger people by leaving aside today's backbones, the adults, of a country. Hence, this book came up with the prevalence rate and impacts of the disease on the lives of adult population. Furthermore, it detailed the roles Adult Education play in combating HIV/AIDS together with the major challenges that can possibly be encountered in the process of combating HIV/AIDS through Adult Education.
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