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Guidance Needs of Intermediate Students - A Study   Kudum Radhika and P. Srinivasulu

Guidance Needs of Intermediate Students - A Study

112 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Guidance is the assistance given to the individual to deal effectively with to environment or with his adjustment problem. It aims to help in the full growth and development of the individual especially when he is obstructed in his functioning. Hence it intends to develop in a person the ability to help himself in varying situations. An infant life begins with such a help. His motor development seeks assistance. A child seeks guidance in education. An adult may need it in getting suitable placement. In the modern times, the problems of adjustment arise everyday. Change affecting the outer environment is not that fast in its effect on the people's life. Hence there is a growing necessity for guidance. Modern education lays great emphasis on guidance and counseling because it aims at total development of the individual in general and Intermediate Students in particular to make of them useful members of the society.
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