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An Enquiry to Moral Reasoning   Brian Mack

An Enquiry to Moral Reasoning

68 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This project was originally a combination of an academic and creative work. It starts by investigating Kohlberg’s work on moral reasoning, his use of moral dilemmas, and his claims of the possibility for using this format as a school curriculum. It progresses to Kohlberg’s critics and advocates using his methods to investigate cross-cultural, gender, and age differences in moral reasoning. Finding little room for further study using Kohlberg’s methods that would solve the problem between hypothetical and real moral reasoning, I turn to creating a novel that ultimately asks what I find to be the most intriguing questions of moral reasoning. The Methodology explains my creative and intellectual process. The Conclusions try to sum up what I learned from the Literature review, the writing of the book, and the changes in my own moral reasoning along the process. The creative novel will hopefully be published soon.
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