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Domains of School Effectiveness   Temesgen Abiyo

Domains of School Effectiveness

88 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Two schools located in the same neighbourhood that have approximately the same size, serving the same community, enrolling students those have relatively the same socio economic background attain different students’ academic success. Some school students’ academic achievement may exceed academic achievement of others. What causes these differences has been challenging question for different scholars since 1960s. Researchers attempted to determine what factors create effective schools. The study revealed that due to the low status of the domains of school effectiveness in the study area schools are not fully achieving their predetermined goals. Repetition rate at grade eight increased continuously from year to year. It was 30% in 2008/09, 42.2% in 2009/2010 and reached 49.7% in 2010/11. This shows that nearly half percentage of the education cost allocated for this grade level was not being used to produce the desired outputs. This book is highly contributed for the region in...
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