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Values of B.Ed. Teacher Trainees in Andhra Pradesh   Busireddy Jayaramireddy and M Sivarathnam Reddy

Values of B.Ed. Teacher Trainees in Andhra Pradesh

276 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Education speaks of a ‘character crises’ in our age. Education and values are interdependent and inseparable. The cherished values serve as to become light and provide direction to the educative process. The most important responsibility of an educator is the inculcation of higher values in the minds of his students. To provide effective value education, the teacher should have great and unshakable faiths in the values which he proposed to transmit and he should incorporate those values in his very personality. The ultimate aim of the value is to enable the individuals of the society to get well adjusted to their society by following certain rules and regulations. The value helps us to lead a happy and successful life and be a worthy contributing member to the society.
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