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The play-concept and its implications for education   Brown Onguko

The play-concept and its implications for education

96 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book presents a philosophical analysis of the play-concpt and its implications for education. The analysis was done in the light of Johan Huizinga's views of the play-concept and Roger Caillois reaction to Huizinga's premises. Huizinga's views on play became thesis then Caillois views became the antithesis. A synthensis of these views though Pierre Erny's views of play by children in Black Africa was don to arrive at adefinition of play as a liberal activity which is prescriptive and non-utilitarian; although it is cosmological in that it operates in time and space. Finally the dissetation examines the implications of play to educational practice in general and to Kenya in particular. It is argued that play is not well provided for though it is a natural manifestation in human nature. The education system as currently constituted suppresses the urge for play. Freedom for play, which is a basic quality of play, if provided for in our educational practice, can be an effective way...
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