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Effects Of Drug Abuse In Secondary Schools   Joseph Kisaka

Effects Of Drug Abuse In Secondary Schools

244 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
This book investigated the effects of drug abuse in secondary schools in Garissa and Ijara districts of North Eastern Province, Kenya. This problem of drug abuse may be responsible for various adverse effects on students like the deterioration in academic performance in a number of schools and the indiscipline cases in form of school strikes. The problem of the effects of drug abuse by students in schools in Garissa and Ijara districts was not known since no such study had ever been done there. Therefore, this study focused on the objectives of finding out the sources and types of drugs abused by students in schools, causes and the effects of drug abuse on the students, schools, and the local community. Other objectives were to find out the factors contributing to failure to contain drug abuse and the possible solutions to minimize drug abuse in the two districts of study. The information was elicited by use of questionnaires, interviews and focused group discussions. The findings...
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