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Absenteeism among Rural Secondary School Children   Ganapathi Lakshumaiah and Malreddy Mohan Reddy

Absenteeism among Rural Secondary School Children

80 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Generally in rural area the rate of absenteeism in-secondary school children is high when compare with urban secondary school children, the rate of absenteeism is particulars high in Rayalaseema area. Therefore a scientific study of the causes in needed to recommend remedial measures for reducing absence. The students in the class VIII, IX and X classes are secondary stage. These student are very useful to their parents in their works age they are teaching many problems of adjustment both mentally and physically. This may effect their adjustment to school and to academic success. The adjust mental problems in school and home will not only hurdle to academic career but also lead to mal - adjustments, among the other mal. adjustments one of them is absenting from regular school work. Further the study attempts to determine whether there is any relationship between absence and achievement and also the critical level of absence above which it has effect and below which it has no...
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