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21st Century Career Ingredients   Emmanuel Opiyo

21st Century Career Ingredients

84 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Someone asked me why I thought writing a book on careers’ would give me any relief and satisfaction? Was it an urge or satisfaction of the teens? Was I writing to make my pockets any deeper? Was I trying to fulfill an urge to become a top writer? Or was it just possible to write for the fun of it, maybe it just felt right to write. Have you ever asked yourself why you settled for that particular career? It could have been because of the growing demand for it and the opportunities available or the love for it or someone somewhere tied you to a profession he could easily help you access. The reasons being inconclusive in nature, I will try to make you understand why it is important to consider various habits and factors in your subsequent life or future career before settling in and making it fruitful, plus pros and cons you may end up facing towards success of that particular career you may choose to specialize in. "Remember society defines successful careers but we decide our...
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