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ICT Pedagogical Issues   Sabariah Sharif

ICT Pedagogical Issues

224 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The main purpose of the research is to investigate aspects of pedagogy with ICT in Malaysia Smart School (MSS). The second purpose is to realise factors that influence MSS teachers in using ICT in the attempt to meet the new learning objectives. Case study evidence was taken from studying in-depth 17 lessons taught by 17 teachers. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with the teachers observed and groups of students who used ICT in the lesson. In addition, evidence has been collected from classroom observation and field notes and video of the lesson. The findings showed that teachers and students were supportive of the approach and appreciated the use of technology and the pedagogical strategies being adopted though there were some reservation in which beliefs, knowledge and willingness to change are believe to be the main factors. Teachers and students were challenged by the lack of hardware and software resources to be used in the classroom. In summary, the teachers had...
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