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Management of Special Schools in Ghana   Dora Aidoo

Management of Special Schools in Ghana

364 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In Ghana, children with disabilities (CWDs) are described as an “emerging minority” with little attention paid to critical issues that emerge in the management of state-maintained special schools for children with hearing impairment (SMSSCHI). Such schools have been excluded from on-going research agendas aimed at locating the quality of basic education. This study examined the management of SMSSCHI with a focus on the nature of the day-to-day management; organisational challenges; relationships between SMSSCHIs and stakeholders; educational policies that influence the management of SMSSCHI; and boundary issues in day-to-day management. Secondary data was obtained from an analysis of relevant literature. Secondary data was harvested in two phases: Phase 1 involved visits to seven out of the 12 SMSSCHI while Phase 2 concentrated on three schools. Data were analysed using the planning, organising, staffing, coordinating, reporting, budgeting (POSDCoRB) framework. Key findings were that...
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