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An Investigation Into The Mental Health   Yagnesh Purohit

An Investigation Into The Mental Health

300 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
People in the 21st century are concerned more about the Physical Health but unfortunately but less concerned about their Mental Health. Mental health is destructed by many elements. One of such strong elements is the school and the overall education process. The present book discusses various components and layers of mental health in general and specifically as well. Standardization process of the Mental Health of adult learners is one of the pivotal features of this book. Teachers at all levels, students, mentors, school authorities and parents are likely to be benefited most from this book. This book is a boon to those research scholars who wish to understand the standardization process of the scale. Findings derived at after careful and scientific research is a special feature of the present book. Creating and maintaining a stress free mentally healthy society is the overall aim of the author of the book.
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