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Taxonomy of Educational Objectives   P.N.Lakshmi Shanmugam

Taxonomy of Educational Objectives

56 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Taxonomy of Educational Objectives This book provides a guide to all teachers to gain a perspective on the emphasis given to certain behaviors by a particular set of educational plans. It helps the teachers to specify objectives so that it becomes easier to plan learning experiences in Physical Science and prepare evaluation devices. Teachers building a curriculum should find here a range of possible educational outcomes in the cognitive area which includes those objectives which deal with recall or recognition of knowledge and the development of intellectual abilities and skills. It is intended to develop some insight into the principles of development and organization of affective domain to emphasize a feeling or emotion or degree of acceptance or rejection including those objectives which deal with interests, attitudes, appreciations, values and emotional sets or biases to teach. This handbook includes a comprehensive taxonomy of objectives in the psychomotor domain which...
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