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Professional English   Islam Md. Hashanat

Professional English

556 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This is an excellent reference book for the learners who will be the future executives in the business world. Though based in the Bangladeshi context following the National University curriculum, this could be handy to any learners of business English. Students and young professionals who feel to improve their communication skills through speaking, writing and presentation, and those who love to win the job interview will find this as a good companion for them. Prof. Islam provides the basic guidelines clearly in simple English so that every reader will find it worthy to use. All the chapters followed by some questions will assist learners to self-check their understanding and the list of vocabulary will be assets to their memory. The presentation of subjects is effortless and very much pleasant and Prof. Islam informative and scholarly presentation makes the book more effective for all users.
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