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Academic Influence in African Development   Emmanuel M. P. Edeh and Peter O Amah

Academic Influence in African Development

60 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
African academicians have enormous interest in improving their academic and moral potential. Their priorities include developing African based academic programs that suits African needs and produce effective graduates who can help transform the continent. Many Universities are challenged to maximize the available human resources in developing each person's moral and intellectual sagacity, and promote activities that are geared toward moving the continent forward, as well as to take the lead in the overall effort to make our world a better place. Madonna University, however, has embarked on special academic program that is correcting these challenges (www.madonnau.edu.ng). This work suggests programs that focus on the mutual relationship between academics and morals, faith and reason, unity and diversity, as well as the essential wisdom of Catholic university education and the corresponding philosophical concept of human being as, "the good that is." The study recommends for...
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