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The Professional Relationship Between Doctors and Nurses   MaryJoy Sande

The Professional Relationship Between Doctors and Nurses

112 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The researcher would like to extend her utmost appreciation to the following wonderful persons who have shared their time, expertise and support to the success of this endeavor. The Provincial Health Officers Dr. Luis Dominngo mendoza and Dr. Julian Salazar Jr; the Chief of Hospitals Dr. Mario Cardinal, Dr. Antonio Ludovice and Dr. Domingo O. Vergara Jr; the Chief Nurses Dr. Darwin B. Blanza, Mrs. Melba Alano and Cielo Sanorjo; to her thesis adviser Dr. Fe L. binalingbing; to her thesis committee Dr. Emerlinda E. Alcala, Dr. Adelia A. Guasa, Prof. Lucilyn C. Ebuenga and Prof. Esther S. Valladolid; to Mr. Flor Ebuenga for all the help; to all the respondents-doctors, nurses and significant others; to BUCN administration, faculty and staff; to her parents and in-laws; to her husband Leo, whose tremendous love and support gave the researcher the strength to pursue this study; to her little angels Jl, Gian and Lj and above all to God whose continuous shower of blessings and guidance...
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