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The influence of the workplace on teachers' continuous learning   Hellen Chirure

The influence of the workplace on teachers' continuous learning

84 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Although teachers' workplace learning has been acknowledged as a significant component of school improvement, very little is known about how the school as a workplace influences this learning. This book is based on a study set to investigate the influence the workplace of a rural public secondary school in Kenya on workplace learning of the teachers. A qualitative research approach was used and data was collected using interviews, observations and document analysis. The study established that the teachers in the school had learnt a range of things; and through a variety of ways. The factors that facilitated teachers’ learning in the school included; the resource available, good interpersonal relationships, supportive school leadership and networking while hindering factors included; the type of students, the size of school and the number of teachers, the limited school resources, lack of internal professional development programmes and the cultural context. The findings have...
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