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Health Behavior Change in Response to HIV/AIDS in Ghana   Augustine Amenyah

Health Behavior Change in Response to HIV/AIDS in Ghana

140 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
HIV/AIDS continues to wreck havoc in all aspects of human life in Africa. Since medically there is still no cure for AIDS, the role of education has become the singular tool for both prevention and understanding of the disease. Health education approaches hold promise for minimizing the effects of HIV/AIDS on families, communities and nations. This book therefore provides the adult educator, health educator, community health educator and public health practitioner approaches to engage communities in learning to change their sexual practices to fight the increasing menace of HIV/AIDS in contemporary African societies. Health anthropologists,Cultural and Religious scholars, Gender advocates, Health educators, Adult educators, Community Development and Social workers will find this book valuable in their work with communities coping with the devastation of HIV/AIDS. Introductory college courses in public health, community health, and adult learning will benefit immensely from this book.
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