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Minimizing absent and late students during physical education period   Eyueil Abate Demissie

Minimizing absent and late students during physical education period

96 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Physical education is one of the most influential subjects given in school that can develop students wholesome personality. It can develop students physical, mental and social personality. Also it is a bridge for the future elite athletes. Therefore it must have to be given in a way that can bring the required changes among students. Otherwise we can not achieve the intended outcomes. Physical education teachers have a great responsibility to give quality physical education by conducting action research and making need assessment. Especially physical education teachers who are found in schools that have poor access of facilities for physical education need to overlook the whole situation and try to overcome those hindrances. It could be applicable to prepare and replace fabricated materials and equipments with locally available materials. That is why this research is conducted. People who read this material can see the problems face teachers who thought physical education in...
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