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Spawning Migration of Labeobarbus Spp. to Arno-Garno River, Ethiopia   Shewit Kidane,Abebe Getahun and Minwyelet Zerihun

Spawning Migration of Labeobarbus Spp. to Arno-Garno River, Ethiopia

100 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book contained information regarding fish migration and some biological aspects of the migratory Lake Tana Labeobarbus species which are the unique specie in the world and endemic to the lake. These species are highly endangered due to illegal fishing especially during their spawning period.In addition to this, activities like sand mining and irrigation which are practicing in the major tributaries of Lake Tana also seriously affected phsico-chemical parameter of the spawning areas and the habitat of the species. Generally this Book has very important information about the biological aspects like length-weight relationship, condition factor, gonado somatic index, fecundity, sex ratio etc. and on the spatial and temporal segregation of the species. it has also important information about the implication of fisheries management and possible recommendation.
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