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Brain Dominance And Leadership Style   Arul Lawrence A. S.

Brain Dominance And Leadership Style

152 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A research work carried out to find out the relationship between Brain Dominance and Leadership Style of the High School Teachers. The book gives a clear conceptual framework of the work that lays the rationale base to purse research explaining the theories, concepts and facts with supportive illustrations and evidences. Inferentially justifying the study, considering its significance, a scientific and systematic approach in tune with the norms of research, proceeds to formulation of objectives and hypotheses. An extensive review of literature is surveyed to make this work unique and original. The standardized Brain Dominance tool and the self-constructed Leadership Style tool pave the path for exploring the relationship of these two variables among the high school teachers. The arrived at findings, based on computations, will indeed throw a lightning of spark to succeed and shine in the track of education and if judiciously also in the field of corporate sectors.
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