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An Evaluation Of The Role Of CSOs In Promotion Of UPE-Uganda   Peter Ssimbwa

An Evaluation Of The Role Of CSOs In Promotion Of UPE-Uganda

84 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Since the last two decades, many countries undertook implementation of universal primary education, while the UN millennium summit concluded the signing of the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals. MDG 2 agreed to at the millennium summit was ambitiously implemented by governments, which exponentially led to increase of primary education schooling figures a decade ago. In the midst of all these achievements challenges and issues arose calling for intervention and support of development partners, strategic intervention and partnership roles of all stakeholders. It was this collaboration that inspired me to ascertain whether there is a tangible yield from the contribution of Civil Society Organizations in promotion of UPE through this evaluation. Therefore, governments, educationists, academics, students and IGOs and NGOs will find this book a useful piece of work, a source material for building information and awareness in their education intervention activities as well...
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