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The Effectiveness of PBL for teaching oral skills   Areej AL-Masadeh

The Effectiveness of PBL for teaching oral skills

292 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Speaking is a medium through which speakers can express their feelings , thoughts , attitudes and beliefs. Throughout my experience as a teacher and a supervisor, I noticed that many EFL students find it difficult to communicate orally in English. Even when they were to speak , they look worried , hesitate and disorganized. Therefore, Project-Based Learning(PBL) program was designed to be used in English language classes. The program is mainly characterized by a series of real life , challenged and learner-centered activities. This study derives its significance from the attempts to high light the characteristic of PBL. It is hoped that the book helps English language teachers and supervisors, curricula planners may find useful to incorporate the principles and activities of PBL. Other interested researchers can build on the results of this study to develop similar programs and to investigate other aspects or skills of students' learning
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