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Learning in Distance & Flexible Learning   Ledua Waqailiti

Learning in Distance & Flexible Learning

432 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The difficulties that distance & flexible learning students experience while studying via distance education pertain not only to the difficulties of negotiating learning on their own but to a variety of factors affecting their studies. Lack of resources and facilities, late delivery of course books, lack of electricity in remote locations, irregular transport services coupled with rugged terrain in the country and poor postal services affect DFL students' studies in many ways. Students who live in rural communities are often called upon to be part of the communal or village activities hence they are duty bound to partake in such activities. The University draws alot of students during enrolment and once the students' are enrolled, students either swim or sink. To be effective as a provider of education in the region then responding to the needs of the students and an awareness of the students' social, economical and cultural practices must be taken into account by the University and...
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