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An overview of how to write a dissertation proposal   Muleke Paul

An overview of how to write a dissertation proposal

80 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Writing and submitting an acceptance research proposal is not a simple task and can be exasperating experience even for the most accomplished and experienced researchers. For most graduate students pursuing masters and PhD,the time for producing a research proposal and final dissertation is considered as a period of agony and utmost suffering.In most cases out rightly detest the whole idea of writing and submitting a proposal because the whole business seems to be too complex to accomplish.Arguably,in most Universities in Africa the time for producing a dissertation/thesis proposal and its final report is probably the most frustrating moment.However,despite all these challenges associated in writing a dissertation/thesis,there are still some students who write and submit acceptable dissertation proposals within the shortest time possible or within recommended time period.Students even produce their own proposals and final dissertations well before the officially stipulated time.The...
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