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Assessment of Women's Awareness About Their Reproductive Rights   Wafaa A. Rashad,Abeer H. Taman and Seham S. Ragheb

Assessment of Women's Awareness About Their Reproductive Rights

96 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The topic of women's reproductive rights is a debated issue in politics and social ?sciences. However, while many scholars focus on women's issues related to ?human rights globally, little research has been done on reproductive rights in ?Egypt. In this context, the current study was carried out in order to assess ?women’s awareness about their reproductive rights. ? The study was undertaken in Alexandria Governorate on a sample of women of ?varied age groups, marital status, educational, occupational and economic ?backgrounds as well as obstetrical characteristics.? The present study explored women’s awareness as well as their exercise of ?reproductive rights specifically in relation to the right to refuse marriage at all or ?get married at too early age and the right to choose the husband by herself. The ?study also explored women’s views related to the right to decide the number and ?spacing of children, the right to use family planning services, as well as the right ?to be free...
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